Jul 302013

A great suggestion, made by Nathalie (@mentorless): Write down your Watch-List „If you had to initiate an Alien to films“ – which films would you share?

I did my list – and I was completely honest – and now am surprised about the mixture, that came out. Every film is linked to further information on imdb. And: The films are just in order of their release-year! No judgement:)

  1. Gone with the wind, US, 1939 My personal fairytale being a kid.
  2. Psycho, US, 1960 watched it way too young – lying on the couch with my mother. Shrieeek!
  3. Die Legende von Paul und Paula, GDR, 1973 A great eastern-german love-story.
  4. Back to the future, US, 1985 A childhood thing – always loved it more than E.T.
  5. Loriots Ödipussi, Germany, 1988 Germans and sense of humour? This is it!
  6. Die Hard, US, 1988 One of the films i watched when we got our first VCR – don’t know how often…It was Bruce, yes!
  7. Terminator 2, US, 1991 My Action-Movie-period?
  8. Night on earth, US et al., 1991 One of the few comedies i can laugh about. Masterpiece by Jim Jarmusch.
  9. Caro Diario, Italy, 1993 Nanni Moretti – grande!
  10. Leaving Las Vegas, US, 1995 Intense.
  11. Funny Games, Germany/Austria et al., 1997 Horrifiying. I remember not speaking the whole ride back home with anyone, for how i was shocked.
  12. Das Leben ist eine Baustelle, Germany, 1997 One of the typical german movies from the 1990s. Don’t know if there’s already a term for this period.
  13. Jackie Brown, US, 1997 The Tarantino with the deepest impact.
  14. Festen, Denmark, 1998 Shocking, tough, good. And so danish.
  15. Mein liebster Feind, Germany, Documentary, 1999 Legendary Klaus Kinski.
  16. Buena Vista Social Club, Germany et al., Documentary, 1999
  17. Todo sobre mia madre, Spain, 1999 My first and yet best Almodovar-experience.
  18. Black Box BRD, Germany, Documentary, 2001 Discovering my favorite-director in documentaries: Andres Veiel. He’s the best in Germany.
  19. La stanza del figlio, Italy, 2001 Again: Nanni Moretti. Sadness and humour all in one. And in italian!
  20. Mulholland Drive, US, 2001 David Lynch – wow, i was discussing nights (and still can) on this film. My favorite-Lynch.
  21. Lilja-4-ever, Sweden/Denmark, 2002
  22. Die Spielwütigen, Germany, Documentary, 2004 My second-best Andres Veiel-doc. About Actors in school, struggling to get their degree. When you really want something: Work hard an do it!
  23. We feed the world, Austria, Documentary, 2005
  24. Prinzessinnenbad, Germany, Documentary, 2007, Life of young girls in Berlin. Must see.
  25. Zirkus is nich, Germany, Documentary, 2007, Same Year, another great doc i saw at Berlin Film Festival. This film ist a debut and the story so well worked out.

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